So, um, what’s this website all about, anyhow?

Not too long after kids, I realized I was consistently 5th on my own to-do list of demands, right after baby, house, husband, and animals. Maybe. Because by the time I got far enough down the list to get to me, it was time to get back to the kids.

I had vague memories of a time when I used to regularly go to this thing called the gym, and when I actually had time to paint my nails sparkly pink one day and neon blue the next (can you imagine?!).

After nearly 10 years of trials, tribulations, false starts and chaotic days, I slowly but surely found a way back to myself. I found my magic and learned how to manage my mayhem.

And I’m here to help other moms do the same.

For the ones who want to have it all, but don’t know how. The ones who started with a dream…and don’t want it to end with motherhood.

The ones who want to feel alive again.

Important again.

Excited again.

Like someone again…

Not just someone’s mom.

Because you’re not.

And that’s precisely the point.

This website was designed with you in mind.
A place to find solutions and solidarity.

Through photography, writing, and mentoring, I'll help you find your life balance.

To find out more about me, come on over to my About page.