Mounds of unfolded, wrinkled laundry. (Oh, how it mocks you from its pile.) Heart-breaking broken promises to your kids. (Again.) Anxiety-inducing calendars, schedules, and sleep patterns. And of course, the need-it-right-now! emails from clients clogging your inbox.

If you’re running a household and running a business? There are a few things running out on YOU, namely your sanity.

Little Andrew’s tugging at your shirt while you’re tugging at a client’s wallet (or trying, anyway); Little Lily needs to be fed…and so does your bank account. And the dog? Forget the dog – who’s got time for leisurely things like taking walks and throwing frisbees?

Be honest: How often do you stay just a little too long in the bathroom just so you can have a quiet breather? Or guilt yourself into saying “yes” to everyone and everything because if you don’t, it might make you a bad mom? Or a bad business owner? Or – gulp – both?

Here’s some good news: You can be a mom, and a business owner, all at the same time. Because being a mom, while trying to run a business, isn’t a disadvantage.

Rather, it’s the opposite: The sharpest edge.

When you learn to use it that way, of course.

That’s what I’m here to help you do – intelligently combine the art of being a mother with the business of being in business, to turn you into a powerhouse.

And if you’re doubting me for even just a second? Think about the fact that today you’ve already changed a diaper while answering the phone while preventing the dog from eating the baby wipes.

You already know how to run the show like a pro.

Now you just need to learn how to run a business the same way… without running yourself into the ground.

I’ll help you sort out what business will work best for you and your lifestyle. And if you already have a small business in play, I can help you take it to the next level. Plus, I’ve got an arsenal of secrets, strategies, and plans you can have. Okay, more than an arsenal; my entire coaching consultancy dedicated to helping busy moms get it together and find that working lifestyle.


Jennifer's counsel fuels me as I face the everyday challenges of being a dreaming, creating, mompreneur.  On the tougher days, I remember how much happier I am since I started following my dreams. On the best days, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.” Laura VanZee


Got a dream, but missing the plan? Got a business, but missing the profits?

This is a fast-paced coaching program that is perfect for mothers ready to push a bright green turbo button & get your business structured (or re-structured), strategized, and set to sell...BIG.

In 90 days, we’ll focus on figuring out what kind of business you want to create, developing a message that’ll resonate with your perfect client, getting your brand new professional website up and running, defining a detailed strategy to get that website in front of buyers, understanding all that is social media & how you can use it in a whole new way for your business, and, most importantly, working through strategies to keep the business momentum going at 100 mph....even when the rest of your life is going at the same pace.

Questioning your ability to achieve all of this? Don't. I'll also help you with workflow and efficiency tips that apply to both home and work. From websites to messaging to marketing, you're covered.


:: 1 Hour Skype consult call once a week for 12 weeks
:: Unlimited emails during your coaching weeks
:: Membership to an exclusive Facebook group to help you keep the momentum post coaching  

 4 payments of $497

“I can’t thank Jennifer enough for her insightful and gently prodding advice. She made such an incredible difference in my business with just two short sessions.” - Michelle McDaid


Perfect for the mom wanting to explore her dreams or the entrepreneur looking to shake things up. I'm an open book, ask me anything.

:: 1 Hour Skype consult call
:: 1 Week unlimited emails coaching post-call
:: Up to 3 additional calls may be purchased at a reduced rate (125)