Are you more concerned with pairing cocktails to the kind of day you’re having instead of pairing them with your meals?

Between your 3-year-old’s earache, your 6-year-old’s temper tantrum (and your 41- year-old husband’s inability to find his car keys), life is like one very loooooong, never ending game of whack-a-mole where the only way to win seems to be some variation of, Wear nothing but old tee-shirts, throw your hair into the same bun you learned in college, and ping pong yourself around life’s edges like a crazy person, day after day, in an exhausting, continuous mission to keep everyone in the family entertained, full of food, or, at the very least, not covering themselves with food. Or you, for that matter.

And then, and only then, once darkness falls, might you finally be gifted five glorious minutes of solitude, with which you will have enough time to run a brush through your hair, slap on some moisturizer, gaze into the mirror and mutter a slew of curses under your breath about Gwyneth Paltrow’s impossibly high bar of effortless momness before begrudgingly setting your alarm for 6 hours from now, when it’ll be time to start it all over when you zombie down the stairs, toss frozen blueberry waffles into the toaster, and vow that today will be the day you finally shower. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. (Pun intended.)

The demands of motherhood are, indeed, demanding.

But, here’s a question: Remember a time when you used to be demanding about your own needs, too?

Remember what it was like to experience a full twenty-four hour day as a human in this world…on your own timetable?

Remember what it was like when you had time for things like mint green nail polish one day and sparkly pink the next? (Can you imagine?)

Remember what it was like to spend an afternoon breezing through 108 pages of nothing but Jennifer Lopez and mindlessly wonderful articles on transitioning your fall wardrobe into winter? (For the record, favorites include navy skinny jeans and chunky knit scarves.)

Remember what it was like…to be you? Not (your son or daughter)’s mom. Not so-and-so’s wife. Not just another mom in the ring-around-the-rosie carpool line of Lululemon DEATH.

Sometimes, the minute you enter motherhood, your womanhood ducks out the backdoor…fast.

And sometimes, when you let her go missing for too long (as we all have at one point or another), you’re left feeling:
Tired as hell.
Extremely alone.
And with the overwhelming feeling of doom that you may actually never feel like your old self again.

But at the same time, you might not know what to do about it.

You’re a mom, which means you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders—and zero time for luxuries like “living up to your potential” and laughable goals like “personal growth.” (Which is a big relief because those kinds of words are annoying, anyway.)


This is where I say wrong.

You can still have a life.

You can still be a great mom without becoming a martyr to your family.

And you can do it in ways that you’ll actually feel good about—not guilty. (Margaritas are strictly for fun, you know.)

One of those ways is by doing the one thing you’ve been putting off for years: giving yourself some much-needed attention.

It’s time to find your life balance.

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