Magic in the Mayhem | 12 days to life balance


Are you ready to find your sanity? This is a 12 day, go at your own pace, online program designed to help you find your magic and manage your mayhem. With daily assignments dropped in your inbox, you’ll discover what makes you tick and what makes you glow.

Learn ways to ease through your day and find contentment in the chaos.


What to expect in your inbox:

DAY 1: Discover your mayhem by logging your daily stress and frustration.
DAY 2: Rate your mayhem so you can identify it easily.
DAY 3: Explore the why of your frustrations.
DAY 4: Find solutions to your repeat offenders.
DAY 5: Build your magic resources.
DAY 6: Design your ideal day and take action to begin living it.

Don’t forget to join us on Instagram! Use the hashtag #magicinthemayhem to help you stay focused. Bonus! Simple IG post will help you connect with other moms who are helping each other keep the momentum to keep moving forward!

This program is a toe-dip into life balance for busy moms.

You'll be introduced to tools that are practical and easy to implement.

And because no day is the same as the one before, you'll learn how to line your tool box with tips and tricks that will glide you toward contentment. 

What people are saying…

“I always feel like I don't have any right to be stressed because I am a stay at home mother. You made me feel better though about how I truly do feel, that my feelings are valid. Thank you!” - Aimee Gonzolas

“Learning how to troubleshoot was huge for me. I didn't realize how much I do it for my kids but forget to do it for myself. It's helped me feel in more control.” - Renee Kramer

“I had NO idea I have control over my days. Well, maybe not control, but I have choices. I'm working on making ones that help me feel happy. Grateful for this challenge.” - Melissa R.

"My biggest take away was the importance of being real on social media. We need to stop giving the appearance that we have it all together because the reality is that we're all struggling in some regards to managing it all."- Kristy Meinhardt