The glass is always half full. (And I don’t mean the wine glass).


Tenacious business owner.

Smart-alecky wife.

Devoted dog owner.

And, most importantly, hilarious.

Oh, wait. I forgot one teeny tiny GIGANTIC thing… I’m a sentimental mom who realized long ago that, as much as I adore my beautiful babies, I just could NOT only talk about pee on the toilet seat and spaghetti sauce on the walls for the rest of my life.
I developed a fear of having nothing but never ending “guess what they did today” conversations with my husband, so I set out to make a change. To find my joy and rediscover who I was before I had kids.

My writing, photography, and website are the culmination of my journey.

There is magic in your mayhem. 

The trick is figuring out how to find it. 

Weird and random things I’m sure you’re just dying to know about me…

If my husband can’t find me, it’s likely that I’m squirreled away in the bedroom, binge-watching Friends or immersed in the latest Brad Thor novel.
(Don’t tell my kids. They think I’m working.)

Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. (And more dogs.)

We dance in our kitchen more than we cook in it. (I’m a pickier eater than my kids, so this works out brilliantly for me.)

If you invite me to a cocktail party (which you should), please know that I’m unable to gracefully parallel park. 
(I may knock on your door and hand over my car keys.)

I grew up in a ruthlessly funny, take-no-prisoners family
(it’s one of the greatest gifts).

A few of my favorite life balance tools…

Wake up 30 minutes early (ahhh... the bliss of a quiet home!)

Meditate (by which I mean sit still for more than 48 seconds)

Philz coffee (I use so much almond milk, I'm not sure it's really coffee)

White scented soy candles (

Morning journal (5 minutes to plot and plan my day)

Green shakes (I honestly feel lost without them)

Exercise (if I can cram in a workout, my day is infinitely better!)

Read my blog for more tips, tricks, and takeaways!

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